Monday, September 24, 2012

Norman Reedus, "Daryl Dixon" gets a Zombie Bible

Norman Reedus, "Daryl Dixon" from the hit AMC Zombie series Walking Dead, will soon get a care package from a local Kansas City fan club AND it includes a copy of our very own Zombie Bible!

The story goes....

We were selling our jewelry and books at KC Renfest yesterday, when a young lady bought a copy of my latest zombie humor offering, Zombie Bible (Living as a Zombie and Surviving to the End When a Vaccine is Delivered).

"Can you make the autograph out to Norman," asked the polite and very un-zombified young lady who was making the purchase.  When I jokingly asked who "Norman" was, she promptly replied "Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead."

Really? COOL!

Turns out they were sending him a Zombie care package from the heartland. 

We wish the 'package' well, and pray for fame, riches and recognition...

The Zombie Bible is available on all eBook formats, and is on sale in paperback on Amazon (Twinned with World War Z).
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