The Zombie Bible: a Zombie Guide to Surviving the Holocaust
(Living as a zombie, and surviving to the end when a vaccine is delivered)
~by Ian Hall & Lorraine James

This is  the Zombie Survival Guide for the 99%.

Let’s face FACTS! The chances of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse as a Human are incredibly slim. So why not look at the 'survival game' from the other side of the coin? If 99% of the population are zombies, why not PLAN for that eventuality, and find a way through to the end and get the vaccine?

The Zombie Bible is a book to teach you how to survive AS A ZOMBIE. Stick it in your back pocket, and don’t leave home without it. Biting satire, superb wit, and endearing sarcasm abound as we learn how to successfully survive the Zombie Apocalypse/Holocaust in a manner you've never even dreamed of.

And NOW AVAILABLE!! The Enhanced Zombie Bible takes survival a step further by including the Zombie Safe Sex Guide:

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