Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Mind Drive... If Ender's Game and Divergent had a baby...

New Sci-Fi from Ian Hall; available as an eBook or Paperback at all good e-stores.

The year is 2617, and Stacey Pencrom is on her way to Space Academy!

Every year MacCollies, the corporate entity who control space travel, scour the Human planets for the best young minds; kids who will one day crew their vast space fleet.
But this year is different...
The members of the class have a far higher paranormal ability than ever before... it's literally off the chart!
As the young students struggle through their first year, they discover secrets about the MacCollies Corporation that would rock Humanity; it seems their conglomerate benefactor is not as squeaky-clean as they'd like to make out. Secrets have been hidden from Humanity for many years.
Eventually the students decide to act, knowing full-well that their lives will never be the same again.

But they would never have guessed they would change the path of Humanity.

Start reading The Mind Drive today, and enjoy a wonderful adventure of tomorrow... 

If you like Ender's Game and Divergent, you'll love The Mind Drive.
Jump aboard for a great adventure tale...

The Mind Drive is set in 2617, just after the end of the Star-Eater Chronicles, by Sci Fi combo Ian Hall and Dennis Smirl.
The Mind Drive is a stand-alone novel in the tradition of E.E.Doc Smith and Robert Heinlein, but with the freshness of Orson Scott Card and Veronica Roth.
You can check it out below... (a link to Amazon)

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