Sunday, December 28, 2014

Caledonii: Birth of a Celtic Nation. Druid and Iceni (Prequel)

Caledonii ~ Druid & Iceni 
Now available free on Kindle & other eBook sites

With my Caledonii (Roman invasion of Scotland) novella series now standing at 5 books, I wanted to do a free story for the many hundreds of fans now reading the saga. So I looked in Caledonii 1, and a wee story popped right out at me... a Scottish druid is sent southwards into Brigante territory (modern Northumberland/Cumberland) to bring two of the King Venutius's sons north to safety.

I planned 2000 words, but you know me. 10,000 words later, a tale of betrayal, druid magic, and adventure had found its way onto my pages. It fit my original idea perfectly; a 10,000 word prequel to the Caledonii: Birth of a Celtic Nation series. It stands on it's own, but it also gets you into the era, the characters, the timeframe.

Druid & Iceni. Picture the scene...
It is 69AD, and the Romans have been lords of the southern part of Britain for over twenty years. Knowing their eyes are forever northward, the Brigante King Venutius decides to send two of his young sons north to safety. Sewell, a druid from the Votadini clan (modern East Lothian), is sent on the mission to locate the boys, then get them safe to his homeland in the Caledonii nation. It is a dangerous journey through hostile lands, and there are many who would stand in his way. Venutius has many enemies, ans they would pay Roman gold for the boys.
To preserve the Brigante bloodline, Sewell cannot fail.

The cover above is the link to the kindle version on Amazon of Druid & Iceni. It's 99c right now, but we'll soon turn the screws on Amazon and get it down to free for you.
However, for other formats, it's available FREE here, on Smashwords...

The full series is available in eBooks everywhere;
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Caledonii: Birth of a Celtic Nation. 3. The Coming of Age
Caledonii: Birth of a Celtic Nation. 4. The Romans Invade
Caledonii: Birth of a Celtic Nation. 5. Druid's Work
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