Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vampires Don't Cry: Original Sins... a brand new start to our Vampire world.

News, hot off the press;
As April showers splash the world with a taste of spring, the editors at Hallanish Publishing have been doing the same... slaving over the midnight oil, putting the finishing touches to our latest volume; "Vampires Don't Cry: Original Sins".

It's the introduction of a few new characters, and involves a few old ones too....
Valérie Berthier (in VDC4: Blood Red Roses) is born into a world of strife and confusion. Torn from her mother’s womb, she is ultimately forced to accept that her view of the world is unique; she was born a vampire. From Italy to America she battles an asylum life, until the day she breaks free. But even as a vampire, there are consequences in life.
Theresa (Finch), a brand new character to VDC, is an average New Jersey high school senior until she’s smitten by the latest vampire in class. Rocked by the transformation process, she turns to Valérie to help her through. 
In the midst of a vampire turf-war, the two are soon separated, but Valérie refuses to accept her lot, determined to get out of her drudge-like life  and re-unite with her vampire friend.
VDC: Original Sin is a two voice epic that spans a century and two continents.
Ian writes as Theresa (Finch) Scholes; a very determined teenager, forced to grow up quick in the violence of a vampire world.
April writes as Valérie Berthier; born a vampire, with the words of her mother still ringing in her head, guiding her through a tumultuous life.
Twisting and turning, Valerie and Finch find themselves drawn to an inescapable climax against two of the oldest vampires alive.
Yes, they have skill and training, but will it be enough to avoid defeat and ensure surv
Available soon at all good eBook stores.
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