Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vampire’s Don’t Cry; Gritty, But No Glitter!

I’d like to introduce you to the world of Vampires Don’t Cry; a gritty vampire series written by Ian Hall and April L. Miller.
The Cast;
Lyman Bracks, a High School senior, and nerd. His ‘best friend’, Alan McCartney is killed in the middle of the marching band at Friday Night Football, his neck torn to pieces by a visiting cheerleader. But strange things happen that fateful night, and he’s forced to look at his whole senior year with suspicion.
Mandy Cross, the aforementioned cheerleader, obviously has a different viewpoint on Alan’s demise, and tells her story in gory detail, opening up a whole new can of worms as she does so.
What to Expect?
Vampires Don’t Cry is a gritty, in-your-face tale of vampires and their natural enemies; the Helsing Organization. It’s pages drip with gore, suspense, violence and is definitely not for youngsters. The characters are dragged through the pages by the hair, protesting and screaming, rather than romp in some daintily orchestrated adventure. Vampires Don’t Cry is no place for the squeamish.
What Not to Expect?
Lyman and Mandy are not models. They don’t strut through school plastered in make-up. The vampires in Vampires Don’t Cry don’t glitter, shimmer or sparkle. They are not models; this is not mushy Soap Opera. They don’t spend all their time hooking up or making out. The vampires bite, and bit hard. The Helsings hunt and kill remorselessly. If you like your vampire stories told honestly, with blood and gore… Vampires Don’t Cry is for you.
The Writing Style?
Vampires Don’t Cry is written by a two-person team, each taking the viewpoint of a single character above. Ian Writes a thousand words as Lyman, then passes the ball to April, who writes as Mandy; nothing much new so far. But they have rules, and the main one is this; no one can change what the other has written, and they don’t collude beforehand. The result is a punchy, edgy story dipping into the fertile depths of two great imaginations.
The Books;
There are four books in the series so far, and book five is in the pipeline, expected in Summer 2014. There is also a large back-story anthology, containing a full in-depth research on the minor characters of the series; Vampires Don’t Cry: Blood Anthology. Each chapter is a story on its own. Two other books are planned for release in 2014; Vampires Don’t Cry: Origins, and Vampires Don’t Cry: The Celtic Căluşari. These are darker, older tales, but contain characters from the original stories.
 The books are available in Paperback on Amazon, or on eBooks everywhere in all formats; Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, Sony, etc. To get your free introductory story, and the first four chapters of Vampires Don’t Cry, click below.

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