Friday, November 1, 2013

Re-branding 'Vampire High School'… because Vampires Don't Cry

We started writing the Vampire High School series in the first months of 2012, sailing through the first volume in less than two months. It was a blast.
With the four main protagonists being Arizona High School seniors, the title, Vampire High School seemed ideal for the book, and we set the publishing wheels in motion, getting it quickly onto eBook format, and paperback, before embarking on the next project.
But we'd had so much fun with our earlier collaboration... enter Vampire High School Book 2: The Helsing Diaries, forcing us to give the first book a Book 1: Gregor Academy subtitle. Yes, we took the last page of Book 1 and burst into another volume… the problem was, we had moved away from the original small-town High School background, and had grown into the surrounding Arizona area, running all directions from Flagstaff. But we had the Vampire High School series to consider, so we kept the main title.
Book 3: The Rage Wars soon followed, and the series continued under the Vampire High School banner. The characters had grown older, both in years and experience, again taking them past the original High School tag, but we'd put our three/four main characters through the mill, and it didn't seem fair to change the series name.
But that wasn't out current problem; we’d also invented a host of minor players in our vampire tapestry. These characters needed some fleshing out, but not in a clinical, hidden, behind-the-scenes way, but in a complete reader-driven back story anthology.
So out pops our biggest volume yet, Blood Anthology, just giving background stories. In addition, since we hadn’t enough on our plate, we had started a new book, called Vampires Don’t Cry; a deeper, darker tale. So dark, reading it out loud, it made my wife cry.
Initially we decided to write in two separate series, but of course, we had mixed characters from each series, it seemed to be getting kinda muddy which series some characters belonged to.
Then we wrote Vampire High School Book 4: Blood Red Roses, in which our major characters, Lyman and Mandy infiltrate a vampire university, leaving their high school days firmly behind them. They’d also moved on sexually, and Book 4: Blood red Roses had an adult side and the High School banner had become misleading.
We suddenly realized we’d moved on from the original name.
So, we’ve re-branded the whole series; Vampires Don’t Cry.
Book 1 will now have the subtitle; Vampire High School, as a homage to the old ideals. And the darker book, due out in 2014? We plan on it.
We’ve decided to call that series; Vampires Don’t Cry; Origins.
It all seems simple, looking back, once you’ve talked about it for year! All the best from April and Ian, and we hope our ‘transformation’ won’t cause you too much trouble.
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