Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vampire High School Backstory and Series Preview Now a FREE eBook

The Turning of Alan Rand is now a FREE download on most eBook sites. Many of the characters in our Vampire High School series became so fascinating to us that we decided to write their backstories as short eBooks and collections. No spoilers here, but Alan Rand gets killed in the first chapter of the first book (he's a vampire so you never know...) and there was a lot of  history to tell!

In addition to Alan's tale and to let you get your teeth (did I really write that?) into our Vampire High School series we decided to add FOUR free chapters to the FREE Alan Rand Download.

So... if you're looking for a new Vampire series to get your fangs into, here's where to go:

The Turning of Alan Rand, with FOUR FREE chapters of Vampire High School ~Kindle Edition

Have a great day, and "long may your blood run warm...."
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